The CryptoZonas Fighting Game

This is a NFT based Game. It's still in development, so you can't play it yet. But we will give you a quick overview on what will be possible with these Crypto Amazon Fighters based on IOTA and the Tangle Technology.
With all its Layers there are 48.125 possibilities, but we have only generated 15.000 Fighters. And we reserve the right not to integrate all of them into the game. This depends on the demand for more Fighters.
This game is a turn-based game in which your NFT fighters compete against each other.
Each layer of your NFT has its own hidden factor based on its rarity. This factor will be used for in-game calculations.
There will be 3 Game Modes you can Play. First, is a Fun Mode without consequences. The Second Mode is Winner Takes. Where you put your NFT as the Price and the Winner will keep his own and takes the loosers NFT. The Third and last Mode will be the IOTA Mode. Where you can bet a variable amount of some IOTA to win.

NFT release Counter

Our NFTs are for sale now. You will find them here:

Want to know how rare your NFT is? Have a look at this CryptoZonas Rarity table.



You will get a quick overlook on what has been done so far, what is in progress and what is planned for the future.


Play the Game

Still in Development!
If you are a developer and would like to participate, get in contact.